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We work to ensure privacy and security during your online sessions. The information you provide to us online is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is the leading security protocol for data transfer on the internet. This technology scrambles your account information as it moves between your PCs browser and Shareowner Services computer systems. When information is scrambled, or encrypted in this way, it becomes nearly impossible for anyone other than Shareowner Services to read it. This secure session helps protect the safety and confidentiality of your information when you perform transactions online.

eDelivery statements are posted to your online account instead of being sent to you by mail. Its not only a free and easy way to simplify your life; it is a great tool for maintaining financial organization. In addition you will help to protect yourself from identity theft while helping the environment.

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TheAccount NumberandCompany Nameof your stock are available on your account statements or check stubs.

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View, print, or download your 2018 tax documents by signing on to your online account. Electronic tax documents are available online when your original forms are mailed:

• Forms 1099-Bwill be mailed by February 15 in most cases. For complex or late adjustments, an IRS approved mailing extension could be required for some forms.

Effective May 25, 2018, the European Union adopted a regulation known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you reside in the European Union, please take time to review thePrivacy Notice, which sets your rights under the GDPR.

Shareowner Online is the fast, easy and secure way to manage your account. Enroll in a plan; make transactions or change your account; purchase or sell stock; get tax information and forms; review and print your record of transactions and much more, quickly and conveniently.

Click for opportunities to build your portfolio. Compare and choose from more than 140 investment plans. Easily purchase and sell shares, view your balance(s), reinvest dividends and update your account.

Easilyenroll online(if available) in your companys plan, view your account, download Employee Plan materials, change your enrollment, make transactions and more.

plan(s). Its fast, easy and secure, and you can initiate a sale any time of the day, night or week.

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