Take Care of Your Customers or Someone Else Will

I had the privilege of traveling with my family last weekend and the first half of this week to Perdido Key, FL. We had a great time at the beach and my kids loved the waves, the sand and the sea shells.

While at the beach I got a close look at what it means to provide great customer service. Prior to my familys arrival on Saturday afternoon the grandparents had already reserved 8 beach/umbrella chairs for the week.

If you have ever been to the beaches in FL you know just how valuable these chairs/umbrellas are, especially to those of us who resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost instead of a Bronze God.

On the afternoon that we arrived, Bryan was the customer service person that was handling all of the chairs for the beach area in front of our condominium. Bryan works for an outfit called Perdido Beach Service and, as I understand it, the company provides beach services to quite a few properties around the Florida region.

When my family hit the beach Bryan quickly greeted us and let us know that he was there to serve our needs. Because I was trying to get the kids situated with all of their beach stuff I must confess that I didnt immediately recognize his attempt at excellent customer service. However, about 15 or 20 minutes later Bryan came back by to check on us and to make sure that we were settled and comfortable in our beach chairs. At this point, I took note.

Over the course of the day I watched as Bryan walked back and forth, providing service to around 60 sets of beach chairs. Along the way he would stop and adjust the umbrellas and provide polite conversation to those who had questions or other needs. Bryan was even able to recommend a good seafood and pizza restaurant. After each trip down and back Bryan would take a quick break in his own beach chair.

The next day Bryan turned over his duties to Reed, an equally competent and friendly individual. I paid attention to see if Reed handled his customers the way that Bryan did. And, to my surprise, the service was right in line with what I had witnessed the day before.

On my final day at the beach Bryan was back on duty. I took a few minutes to catch up with him during a break. I wanted to learn about the beach chair business and see what Perdido Beach Service was doing to make sure that its employees were always friendly, courteous, and on top of their game. Bryan entertained my conversation and told me a little bit about what his duties and responsibilities were each day. As we spoke, he noticed a lady who was needing an umbrella adjustment, so he politely excused himself and headed out to take care of his client. As he walked off, I noticed his reservation pad sitting on top of his cooler.

I took this picture of the reservation pad because it explained everything. It made me realize that each and every customer is vitally important to my business and ultimately me and my family. I would certainly like to think that all of my clients are loyal and faithful to me but we all know that is not the truth. And when I think about it, I realize that all of my clients used to be clients of someone else!

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Take Care of Your Customers or Someone Else Will

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