is a publicly traded, full-servicebankthat is based inShort Hills, New Jersey, USA. The bank operates over 150 branches acrossNew JerseyandNew York.

In 1926, the bank was incorporated as the Washington Rock Building and Loan Association.4Sixteen years later, its name changed to Investors Savings and Loan Association. Through mergers, acquisitions, and internal expansion, the bank grew and eventually changed its name to Investors Savings Bank.5

In 1997, Investors changed from a New Jersey-chartered mutual savings bank to a New Jersey-chartered stock savings bank, and reorganized as a two-tieredholding company. The bank became a wholly owned subsidiary of Investors Bancorp, Inc., a Delaware-chartered, mid-tier stock holding company, and Investors Bancorp Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Investors Bancorp MHC.

In 2005, Investors Bancorp Inc. became a partially public company, trading common stock on theNASDAQ.6In 2011, the bank rebranded itself and changed its name to Investors Bank.7On May 8, 2014 Investors Bancorp became a fully public company.8

1943: Connecticut Farms Building and Loan Association, Battle Hill Building and Loan Association

1947: Brick Church Savings and Loan Association

1958: Lyons Farms Building and Loan Association

1963: Divident Hill Savings and Loan Association

1969: Plainfield Savings and Loan Association

1995: five Carteret Federal Savings Bank branches

2009: American Bank of New Jersey, six Banco Popular branches in New Jersey

2010: seventeen Millennium BCP Bank branches (entire US operations; four branches were later sold by Investors Bank)

2012: Brooklyn Federal Savings Bank, Marathon Bank

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