The next London Value Investor Conference will take place on 14th May 2019 and tickets are now on sale. This year there will also be a networking reception after the conference finishes with drinks and canaps.

Since the inaugural event in 2012 our conferences have brought together well-known investors including Michael Price, Howard Marks, Neil Woodford CBE, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Anthony Bolton, Don Yacktman, Will Browne, David Harding and Jonathan Ruffer, as well as other investors running both large and small funds.

Since 2016 the London Value Investor Conference audience has also made nominations for aset of awardsfor Lifetime Achievement for Fund Managers, as well as awards for public company CEOs for capital allocation discipline. At the conference in May 2018, a prior winner of an award, Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon joined the fund managers and others in the audience for a special session with William N. Thorndike titledThe Outsiders Unconventional CEOs, Capital Allocation Discipline and Shareholder Returns.An overview video of the event and photos from the 2018 conference are below.

Value Investing was developed in the early Twentieth Century by Benjamin Graham and has been popularised in recent decades by the success of many investors who follow the approach, most notably Warren Buffett. It is now a well respected investment style in the US but is still a nascent sector of the investment universe elsewhere.

Numerous academic studies have shown that a disciplined value-based approach to investing in securities outperforms the market over the long term. It is under-pinned by research into behavioural investing which demonstrates both why it is so psychologically difficult to do (because it involves taking positions that are contrary to the received wisdom of the crowd) and why it is so financially rewarding when done well.

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What I like about it is that it is a practitioners conference and its an opportunity to come and hear from your peers about the work that they are doing and how they see value investing

Hassan Elmasry, Independent Franchise Partners

I think people really look forward to it and enjoy it. Theres a good bunch of people here who have travelled a reasonable way the speaker after me was from Hong Kong and theres a big Canadian crew and a big US crew people come from around the world to see this

If somebodys already been through that process of seeing what the conference is about and then is willing to pay their money for the effort of coming here, thats a great filtering process.

The conference has become a part of the furniture of the London scene. You can discover that is what lies inside you that you are innately a value investor.

I do speak at a fair number of conferences to investor bases, this one is really quite a good list some very, very good investors present and some very interesting speakers

Definitely worth it and I know a number of people who have ummed and arred about coming along and Im sure that they will be regretting that they didnt come today and its only going to get better as far as I can see

Ive got a bunch of business cards to add to my collection and some folks Ive been looking forward to meeting, plus some firms I didnt even know existed but sound really interesting and Im looking forward to building on that relationship base

You couldnt find that anywhere else really, where youre speaking to the principals who have been voted on to the Board [of Microsoft] to effect change

What I was impressed with is, because the subject is very similar, value investing, they found a variety of ways of attacking the same subject. I was also very impressed, having done this in another location, of seeing them stay on target time-wise so that it moves along at a great pace and I think the audience is greatly rewarded by that discipline

When you look at the ideas speakers have put forward in previous years and how they have performed over the last few years, theyve done very well if that performance continues it would be quite remarkable. It does show that you can pick up some good ideas at a conference of this sort

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