National Service Number: 1300 887 867:::E-mail: .au::: We educate our clients on how to build substantial wealth by accumulating residential property in capital cities…

We are proud for you to be with us… Our wealth building blue print after 20 years in the business and the ongoing satisfaction of many diverse customers is a long term buy and hold approach… Established on 90 years of fundamental growth of Australian residential property in capital cities

We all tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in a year and greatly underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years

Investorcoach is qualified to source, negotiate, structure, finance, insure, manage and grow your property portfolio and alternative strategies.

This is why Investorcoach only recommend house & LAND in capital cities… Depth of market!

CHOICE DWINDLES:There are fewer than 800 apartments offered for sale on the Gold Coast. Experts predict it could take up to five years to clear even that low amount of stock.SALES of Gold Coast high-rise apartments are so slow it would take five years at the current rate to absorb even existing stock.Property researcher Bill Morris, of Midwood, said there were less than 800 high-rise apartments on the market on the glitter stripBut with a current sale rate of about 47 apartments per quarter even that low number would take a long time to clearMr Morris added that sales rates were at their lowest level since the 1990s.

Queensland flood affects thousand of homes but NO Investorcoach property

Brisabne and Ipswich regions have just experienced their most severe flooding in 35 vestorcoach is pleased to report that from the 100s of client investment properties we have in the region NONE have been affected by the devastating floods (when selecting appropriate areas potential flooding is one of our key filters)…Our prayers and thoughts are with the thousands of people effected.

Investorcoach Property is now introducing its free referral program.

By participating in it you can earn $2000 for every investment property sold.

Only you need to fill a simple form with your referrals and send to us via e-mail, fax or post.

Investorcoach source land direct from developers and owners at substantial discount rates…We then negotiate, engage and manage builders (both large and boutique) to produce a quality house and land investment product that is significantly below market retail levels and that will value up every time, provide significant tax benefits and be positioned for substantial long term capital growth.

Investorcoach finds ongoing larger development projects for clientele delivering them at wholesale levels already with the end user in mind.

Investorcoach property are conducting regular boutique interactive seminars in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Emerald, Mt Isa, Mackay and Townsville… Assisting to educate clients on how to build substantial wealth by accumulating residential property in capital cities (employment, industry and population growth areas).

Which area you prefer for property investment

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