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Think the life you wish for is out of reach? Find out why your mindset may be your biggest obstacle and learn how to overcome it.

The key to understanding what to buy starts with understanding how to analyze a potential investment. Learn what to look for to determine a good property from a bad one.

Many new real estate investors dont know they could be saving thousands in taxes every year. Discover all the money saving strategies you should be using.

Investing in rental property is truly the best way to build wealth today. Find out why and learn about the benefits, get a side-by-side comparison of real estate vs. other investment options, and more.

If you think location is the most important thing to consider when investing in real estate, youre wrong. Learn why the real key to investing success is timing.

Even if you make the best investment in the entire world, you can still lose everything. Learn why management is an essential factor for your success.

There are many ways to find the money to buy property, but not all of them are created equal. Discover one of the most lucrative strategies, that youve probably never heard of.

If you sell a rental property you have to taxes on the capital gains. Learn how to avoid paying Uncle Sam with this powerful tax-saving strategy.

If youre like many new or aspiring real estate investors, you probably have a lot of questions. Learn how to avoid big mistakes and increase your chance for success.

Did you know that you can leverage other peoples money to finance your real estate investment (even if you dont have any cash to spare). Learn how to do it and why you should.

If youre not diligently tracking income and expenses for each of your rentals, youre probably losing money. Find out how to avoid this costly mistake here.

As you build your portfolio and increase your net worth, there is an increased need to understand how to protect it

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