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I get more excited when one of my students gets a $10,000 check than I do when I get a $50,000 one. SCOTT JELINEK

Local Real Estate Investor Shares How To Build Wealth In Hampton Roads Real Estate

Local Real Estate Investor Shares How To Build Wealth In Hampton Roads Real Estate

Discover how I personally invest in real estate with minimal hassle and maximum freedom so you can do it too…

and select the time and date that best fits your schedule. Hurry, these seminars will fill up fast!

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Ill show you how I find and close deals like these in the Hampton Roads area, with no renovations and no rehab – just straight profit!

(Local deals in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk and Newport News)

Quick Flip in Virginia Beach, No Renovations, No Rehab – just profit!

Scott will show you how to get properties in the Hampton Roads area under contract and how to flip them for easy profits…

$15,000, cash in pocket for this Quick Flip in Portsmouth – skip the contractors and go straight to the bank!

Learn how to grab these deals below market value and sell them at retail price at this exclusive seminar!

Its not theory, these are real deals that we are doing right here in the Hampton Roads area!

7 Workshops In The Greater Phoenix Area – Select the time, date and location that works best for you!

If youre interested in buying and selling homes within the Hampton Roads area then you need to attend this free seminar I am holding this

I am a LOCAL investor and Im personally leading these seminars.

hat Ill share with you will completely change the way you look at the world of real estate.

like you may have seen come into town…  this is all real, backed by deals done in our local area —

and Ill show you what works right now in Hampton Roads!

At This Free Real Estate Seminar You Will Learn…

Why you dont need experience to make big money in real estate.

In fact, the very tactic I use the most is the same one I recommend to beginners who have no credit or money.

How to eliminate the hassles of having tenants.

Using this strategy, you will never have to take maintenance calls or do costly repairs. Doing rentals the normal way will seem downright stupid after you understand this new and better model.

The best marketing strategies for finding undervalued properties.

The vast majority of real estate investors are lazy! Putting just a little effort into your marketing will give you an incredible advantage… but you wont have to experiment on your own Ill show you what I do to get desperate sellers to come to me. This is how you get the lowest price possible.

My 1 recommendation for beginners who have no credit or money.

Even today, 60% of my deals are done using this technique. Why? Because its just downright faster and easier. Im also not risking my credit when I do it like this.

How to build a network of fast moving buyers.

One of the golden rules of real estate is this: The faster you close a deal, the more profit you make. Being able to send your deal to a group of investors who take action fast can take weeks off your closing time.

Between 1994 and 2007 Scott accumulated a portfolio of eighty-four properties and

He was close to hitting his goal of owning 100 properties and then retiring to live a life of true freedom.

His income streams evaporated overnight and he lost millions in equity. Fifty of his eight-four properties were lost to foreclosure. Even worse, because of the recession, many of his tenants were perpetually on the knifes edge of missing their payments. The leverage trap had gotten him just as it did so many other investors across the country.

He reworked his business model to eliminate as much risk as possible and got to work rebuilding what he had lost.

Fast-forward to today, he owns seventy-four properties right here in the Hampton Roads Area. That number isnt the eighty-four it used to be but dont let that fool you.

His business is actually far more robust than it was before the crash. Risks are low (he wont be losing everything overnight because of brain-dead central bankers or corrupt politicians) and cash flow is outstanding (he can spend more stress-free time with his wife, Lisa, and son, Vince).

Real estate trainers are continuing to teach the failed leverage model that caused so much heartache in 2008.

Scott feels he cant just sit back and watch new investors fall into the same trap he did.

He wants to share what he has learned and help other investors avoid his mistakes and copy his successes.

I feel better when one of my students get a $10,000 check than I do when I get a $50,000 one.

This is Scotts newest book available on Amazon right now! Its on the simple truths to achieving financial freedom in real estate investing. Normally, this book is $24.95 –

Hurry, register now! Space in each seminar is limited!

Learn What Works Right Now From Two Of The Countrys Most Active Real Estate Investing Entrepreneurs.

After 2 years I have bought nearly 70 properties!

If you want to know how savvy investors are getting the BEST DEALS in real estate while you struggle to find JUST ONE that suits your needs, you need to contact Andy Werner and his team.

I was one of the struggling investors less than 2 years ago before I met Andy. He [and his partner] helped guide me in the right direction, and showed me the ins and outs of buying at auction where there are great prices on NICE homes DAILYYou get an almost unfair advantage over the other novice investors bidding at the auction because of the years of experience knowing what to bid on and what to watch out for. It is their business to watch out for you so you dont make a costly mistake.

Now, after 2 years of using their service I have bought nearly 70 properties at auction and have made GREAT RETURNS! Not only have I found a way to consistently buy properties at a bargain, Ive also built a trusting relationship with the guys. I know they always have my best interest in mind when working with them.

I acquired my first property in only 3 weeks!

Within the first three weeks of using Andys system I was able to acquire my first property. I was amazed at how easy his system was to use. Each consultation led to an understanding of the process I needed to follow to increase my profit margins. Andys system helped me get the property sold within two months with a profit cash in my pocket of $26,524.58. Following Andys advice and applying his system I have started on my second property. Thanks Andy!

January 3 to 7: Glendale, Tempe, Gilbert and Phoenix

In January of 2012 my husband and I were approached to become the master lessee of a 30 unit distressed apartment complex close to the Arizona State University campus. Andy helped us to see the potential of real estate as a retirement plan for us. Andy helped us negotiate a deal with the owners that included no money down and sweat equity to manage the apartments with an option to buy the complex in October of 2015. We had no prior experience in apartment management or owning real estate. He helped us assess the value of the complex, the risk vs. the potential financial gain and the amount of sweat equity that we would have to put into the complex to be able to purchase the property. He helped us set realistic goals for stabilizing the apartment and monitor cash flow for capital improvements. He also coached us in how to find and negotiate with vendors to maximize the income we would generate the first year.

In just one year the owners came back offering to buy us out for $200k. Andy once again helped us navigate what the potential payoff vs. the 200k offer and with his knowledge of the real estate market we decided to pass on the offer. We are now starting the process to purchase the property under his guidance.

I wholeheartedly endorse Andy. His skill and understanding of dealing with distressed properties and bringing economic value to them is unprecedented. He has an easy manner about him that makes asking the stupid questions less intimidating to ask. He also has the skill level to guide the novice first timer to success in easy small steps to reach the economic goals in a reasonable time. He has let us know what were reasonable risks to take and what were unwise risks to take. He is principled in his dealings which makes trusting his mentoring easy. We always wanted to become property owners but had no idea how to get started. Andy solved that for us. I have grown as a business woman and a person. Our financial plans for retirement are within our reach and more than what we had dreamed possible. I am grateful for his coaching and you will be too.

He helped us find successful rental properties

I was introduced to Andy through a fellow Australian who has also done some investing in the US property market.

As an offshore investor, I didnt know where to begin and Andy was instrumental in helping me with my understanding of the market and the necessary steps required to acquire my first property. He introduced me to contacts to help set up my legal entity in the USA, and also introduced me to tax advisors. After the initial steps, I actually decided to visit Arizona just to have a look around (although this was probably not required) and Andy spent a week showing me around various areas where we would soon look to buy just to see what kind of investments I was comfortable in.

Over 4 months i purchased 6 houses to the value of US$1M. I am a long term investor and these properties were occupied as rentals very quickly. Andy also introduced me to the relevant property agents for each area who look after my properties in my absence.

I purchased the first of my properties over a year ago and have been more than satisfied with the process and the rental returns. The Street Wise Property Investing System has worked a charm for me, but more importantly, Andys mentorship and guidance has made the process even more of a breeze.

To all out there looking to get into the market, now could not be a better time and Im sure based on my experiences, you will not be disappointed. Good Luck!

I met Andy in early 2009 at one of the local real estate investor meetings. He was happy to help me through a challenge that I was dealing with as a new investor in the fix & flip arena. I had a decent amount of entry-level knowledge when I met Andy, but he was instrumental in getting me and my business from a state of knowing to a state of taking action and DOING. I knew I could contact him for guidance from time to time when I needed it. I talked with Andy regularly during the first couple of years I was doing fix & flip properties, and often called him for feedback or advice on deals I was working on. Andy has years of experience in real estate, and all of the knowledge that comes with that experience. More importantly, he is willing to share and teach others what he has learned. With Andys help, as a brand new investor, I was able to fix & flip over 20 properties in my first two years in the business.

Andy, prior to purchasing the Wholesale Empire system I was at first quite skeptical. I had purchased 3 other property wholesaling systems, one of which had cost me $25k!

I had heard about the guys online who swore by your Systemwho are now making hundreds of thousands of dollars from property wholesaling but, I was suspicious that they were just natural negotiators and salesman with a real estate backgroundand that I would never be able to live up to that level of success.

I did what you said and I took my time and diligently went through the videos, and found the fact that they were not the same as some of the other courses I had bought, but rather found in each and every video and section within The Wholesale Empire really refreshing.

This allowed me to get started right away with the marketing templates, lead sources and contracts that you provided, which is what you said make Wholesale Empire so different from the other courses. Within a few short days I had my first wholesale property lead.

I wish I had found your system to start this whole process and I would have saved about 5 wholesale deals worth of profits.

I learned a lot of new things from your system that I have not seen anywhere else. Not to mention the different website sources you teach and the way of looking at comps that none of the other trainings have illustrated for me in such a comprehensive way.

Now, thanks to Wholesale Empire, I have my first marketing campaign off the ground, getting high quality leads, and have closed my first deal wholesale deal for a $3k profit! I can finally see myself as yet another Wholesale Empire success story. I cant thank you enough!

How would an additional $10,000.00, $25,000.00 or even $50,000.00 help you and your family?

January 3 to 7: Glendale, Tempe, Gilbert and Phoenix

Individual results may vary. It depends on the time, energy, knowledge and money an individual puts into their real estate business. We provide real estate, tax & entity education. We do not provide accounting or legal advice nor do we prepare tax returns or entity structuring. We make no earning or return on investment claims or guarantees. Prior to undertaking any business transaction, you may want to consult your own accounting, legal or tax advisor.

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