This site provides ideas and information on investment markets. Research is on investment strategy, quantitative investment studies, behavioral finance, and various assets. Careers are also discussed. The website is free to the public to make the world a better place.

This website also includes links to a Wisconsin Investment Directory, updated yearly, and an alumni directory for the Investment Management Certificate Program at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Dr. G. Kevin Spellman, CFA, aka Coach, maintains the site. He coaches students in investments. He has over 20 years of experience in investments as an analyst, portfolio manager, consultant, and director of research on the buy-side and sell-side of Wall Street, and 15 years of experience teaching investments. He is the David O. Nicholas Director of Investment Management and Senior Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a periodic Adjunct Professor at IE Business School. He has two teenage children (boy and girl), a wife he calls girlfriend (to the chagrin of his teenagers), and a Jack Russell Terrier. He marks his achievements based on the success of his students and children. Clickherefor Spellmans resume.

TheInvestment Management Certificate Programat University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is rigorous and highly regarded 21-month CFA University Affiliated Program where students learn investments by doing. They manage / work on over $7 mil in AUM and real business projects, are taught by faculty and professionals, travel to various financial centers such as Chicago, NYC, and London, and have training in professional investment tools. IE Business Schools Master in Finance program has been consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world byFinancial Timesand is also a CFA University Affiliated Program.

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