Six Saturday 3-hour sessions with different topics all involving some facet of real estate investing in the local area. Whether youre just getting into investing or if you have been investing for awhile, there is great value in being able to learn from local experts teaching how they became successful. Get questions answered – get clarification – get inspired to try something new. Network with other like-minded people and strengthen your team.

Session 3 – Holding Apartment Buildings Learn from a local expert how to hold and manage large apartment buildings. Its different from 2-4 unit buildings. Find out why.

Session 4 – On-Site Rehab and Make-Ready What does it take to get a property ready for occupants? Let Property Manager Pat Gallagher show you at an actual property in need. Field trip!

Deal Evaluation from 3 Points of View Wholesale, Flip, Buy-and-Hold Understand what exit strategy to use when youve got a property under contract. Listen to successful local investors explain their strategies and the thought processes behind them.

Finding, Evaluating, Buying, and Selling Notes with Joe McGuire Want to invest in real estate without dealing with tenants and toilets? Listen to Joe – he does it every day and hes willing to share how.

FFREIA Investor Academy – Session 2 – $50 – Member Discount Available

FFREIA Investor Academy – Session 2 – $50 – Member Discount Available