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cash to get started as a real estate investor.

This myth is absolutely false. When I got started in 2006, I was dead broke so I had to find a way to do deals without any cash or credit.

Even though this property may not look like much,(this was one of my earlier properties and this is the best picture I had of it. Sorry if its a little blurry) I bought and sold this property with no money down. In fact I got paid $15,000 at closing to buy this house and it produces a cash flow of $177.63 for 21 years.

Over the life of the property, it will produce $43,519.35. Now how does this no money down property look? Ill show you how I completed this deal on theupcoming free training class.

Yes it is true you might need to spend a lot of time if you are wholesaling or rehabbing properties. Wholesaling and rehabbing are old strategies.

You dont need to spend much time to start with Hidden Cash Flow Properties because there is not much competition and Ill show you how to find them very quickly so it doesnt take much time.

You can do it while still working a full time job. It only takes a couple hours to do a Hidden Cash Flow deal and it will continue to pay you cash flow every month for 21-30 years.I want to show you how to work smarter not harder like my other students do.

I have many students that got started while they were working full time…then when their real estate income passed their regular income they quit their jobs.

Because it was actually costing them money to keep their jobs. It was limiting their income. The same thing can happen for you but you need to take the 1st step andattend the free training class.I love the way you are providing a means for families to buy a home even if they have poor credit.

~ AnitaI love the approach you use so you dont need to put any money out of pocket to make the deals.

~ PamHello Ian, This is awesome cant wait to get started. I look forward to working withyou.

~ Deborah LoveHey Ian -!Cool info Ian and thanks for sharing this. It explained a lot more for me your strategies

~ KourtneyYou Mr.Flannigan makes this so simple to follow and Iknow that I will begin to make offers this week..

~ LeslineYou make some of the best informative videos

Anyone that hasnt been educated about creative real estate believes this myth. Heres the truth: We dont get traditional financing for 99% of the deals we do so your credit score isnt a factor.

Ill show you how to do deals without your credit by leveraging the property. Well show you how it works step by step. This strategy will be included in the upcoming free online training class.

Myth 4: All the other investors in my area get all the good deals.

If you are trying to find the same high equity deal that every other investor is searching for in your area, you might be right. The investor that has the most cash will pay more for the property and beat you every time.

However when you use my hidden deals strategy Ill be covering on the upcoming free training, a whole new pool of inventory will be opened up to you. There is very little competition for these deals because nobody is hunting them down like their hunting down high equity wholesale deals.

The best part is the sellers of these hidden cash flow deals dont require cash offers like high equity deals so you can buy them with none of your own money. They also dont require very expensive rehab which means you dont need to deal with the ever-scrupulous contractors. If there were an easy button for real estate investing, this would be it.I really like the fact I dont have to find properties at 50 to 60% of ARV in order to make a profit with offers at 80 to 90% of ARV.

~ JohnI love the model of buying with owner financing and selling with owner financing and keeping the spread.

~ BobIan, I love the way you think outside the box. Old ways are not working anymore and we need to be creative. Thanks for creating this for us.

~ MarilynThanks Ian, you have helped me to really understand this whole strategy and I am feeling more confident and looking forward to getting started making offers

Im not sure who you are listening to but there couldnt be a better time to buy real estate than right now. The market has already hit bottom created the best pricing on inventory over the past 15 years.

Then you have guys like Warren Buffet loading up on real estate. The market has started to increase showing signs we are headed for the next real estate boom. The best time to buy is when a market starts to increase from the bottom.

The stock market has reached an all-time high and is on the verge of collapse. This is only going to put more money into the real estate market and increase its value even further.

Listen, if youve believed these myths in the past, its not your fault. You just havent been educated on how to approach real estate creatively because you dont need cash or credit to do deals when you know how to structure them creatively.

When you attend our upcoming Free Training Class, youll get the education you need to make quick cash and long term wealth in real estate. Were in the middle of major shift in the real estate market. Well show you how to capitalize on the current market and make a fortune during this major transfer of wealth.

Were not talking about junky little houses in bad neighborhoods either. This works on nice homes in nice neighborhoods.

FREE Informational Webinar Training gives you all of the details

you need to begin safely investing in Hidden Cash Flow Properties.

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