The power of computers and the internet have changed the world, and investing has changed with it.

Cost cutting and acquisitions helped boost margins, but competition is intense.

Wesfarmers is betting billions on batteries for electric cars. But growth narratives dont always play out quite the way you expect.

Hansen has made a large acquisition that expands its telco division.

Coles Group has been relying on promotional campaigns to drive sales in 2019. While that might have worked this year, it will need more sustainable strategies long term.

Property prices are falling, ecommerce is disrupting traditional retail and retirement villages are under close scrutiny. Is there any good news for Stockland?

Stars new Brisbane casino offers hope, but VIP turnover sagged recently as punters fell victim to an unlucky streak.

With a lower share price and fresh capital having been injected, is there a case for revisiting amaysim?

Woolworths is conducting an off-market share buyback to distribute $1.7bn from the sale of its petrol business. Whats in it for you and the company?

Rios iron ore business attracts most of the attention but there is more to the miner than red dirt.

A booming economy has wiped out some of the competition, but theres a new kid on the block.

Challenger has many attractions but its profitability is under pressure from factors beyond its control.

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Top 19 quotes from the 2019 Berkshire Hathaway meeting

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I would be interested to read your teams collective view on investing into private equity (through a managed fund), particularly with regards to risk , and its correlation ( or non correlation) to the listed markets general movements

What would be the effect of the announced Labor policy on Franking credits be on the returns of the fund?

You have probably covered this somewhere else, but will the change in the franking credit system make high yeild stocks more or less attractive for investors? Will they become more attactive (as investors try to make up the shortfall in franking c…

Is an update on FLT planned based on their recent ASX announcement?

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