Jim Huntzicker has been my coach and mentor since 2011 when I started my real estate investing business. Jims knowledge of the real estate industry and investing is second to none. His willingness to share what is imperative to learn in order to be profitable and successful, as well as, his ability to motivate and give you the confidence necessary toat what he does and he loves to help others succeed in real estate investing and life!!! Thanks Jim!

I have known Jim for quite a while now and he is a good buddy. He and his company Yellow Star Properties have been doing great things in real estate for quite a while as well. He definitely know his stuff when it come to rehabbing

Fresh Horizon Realty has been blessed with the opportunity to work with many Community Banks as well as the largest buyer of residential real estate in the country, Blackstone. In the past year FHR has purchased over 250 homes for institutional buyers. When we need a second opinion, help structuring a transaction and or valuation advice we often call Jim Huntzicker. Jim has expertise in many areas in which our clients purchase. Knowing the specific market along with knowledge of rehab expense and after rehab valuation is critical to long term success. Jim has this expertise and that is why we contact, and often partner with him.

Ive known Jim Huntzicker for some time now and he and his company arein our Chicagoland market when it comes to flipping properties. Jims knowledge, expertise and connections are a valuable resource for my own real estate investing business. We have worked closely together on several properties in a profitable manner.

The quality of the finished product he and his team produce is both impressive and an asset to the communities they serve. He and his team have developed a system that really works time & time again. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Jim both in my own business and as an asset to draw on for our real estate investing community.

Jim is an awesome coach and the biggest help I got from him was with the details/little things that you dont really think about but can have a large impact, such as looking at and tweaking my offer itself and modifying my proof of funds. Also the importance of communication/follow up with listing agents; this was a HUGE one. And I think for me, mentally getting reassurance about the deals I was about to close on was a major help.

He said it was possible to get 3 deals during my initial 3 months in his 1 on 1 coaching program, and that is just what happened. By the end of the my first 3 months I had 3 new deals with a potential profit of over $100K. Thanks Jim, I cant thank you enough!

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