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♦ Real Estate  ♦ Precious Metals  ♦ Currency  ♦ Energy  ♦ Economics

(besides our very ownInvestor Summit at Sea™)!

So TWICE a year in the Spring aboard our ownInvestor Summit at Sea™ and in the fall at Brien LundinsNew Orleans Investment Conference

we get together with top experts in economics, investing, real estate, precious metals, oil and gas all the REAL ASSETS mainstream financial media barely mentions

and we talk about how all the macro movements trickle down to Main Street and what moves savvy investors should make to GROW and PROTECT their hard-earned wealth in these HIGHLY UNCERTAIN times.

Tariffs, trade wars, trillion dollar deficits, and $21 trillion and growing debt.Can the Trump economy outgrow crushing debt and deficits?  Or will the United States finally have to pay the piper?

China continues to push for a more powerful role in global finance and in geo-politics.  Theyre accumulating gold, expanding the adoption of the Yuan in international trade, and colluding with Russia to dethrone the dollar.

New Fed Jerome Powell now has his hands on the lever of United States monetary policy.  Will the Powell Fed raise rates and tighten credit?  And how will this Fed respond to the NEXT financial downturn?

Its enough to make your head spin.  But dont stress.

Remember, many brave, bold and informed investors made fortunes through stagflation, high interest rates, crashing currency and financing markets so its not the circumstances which dictate your fortune.

This is NOT your parents real estate market.

Before 2008, real estate prices had never crashed.  The U.S. was the lone financial superpower.  No one had heard of quantitative easing, derivatives, bailouts and bail-ins.

As an investorreal estate or otherwiseits critical to stay informedof the forces and trends looming on the horizon which can and will affect your wealth.

And if youre a real estate investor trying toraise money from private investors, itsreally important to see the big pictureand understand how other investments work.