Transitioning into a real estate investor coach was super important to me…because dad taught me two of the three important rules of business: belief & commitment.  I had to learn strategy all on my own.

When we lost him at just 60 years old, it taught me one more lesson: we dont have to sacrifice our lives FOR our businesslike he did.

Like I was doing.Like I see a lot of real estate investors doing.

The two things that shaped me the most were how my parents gave up everything for us and how important it is to stop ignoring the present moments of our lives for someday.

Its becoming clearer that my time on this earth is to impact the people I meet & help them realize sooner rather than later,  the negative consequences of their own sacrifices.

Perhaps their real estate business isstealing time awayfrom friends, family & their LIVES.

My journey to realize this took more than 30 years. I was consumed by my business, it felt like I was being held hostage because I had no time for anything.

Today my days begin and end with gratitude.  My days are strategically laid out rather than being a slave to others agendas and last minute procrastination.  I no longer live in a reactive world because there are thingsIm no longer willing to risk.

Today I share a gift that enables me to help people move past their most complicated & challenging times.   We build a business that achieves personal freedom; and when we complete our journey together, they havetaken back control of their lives and businesses.

There are no more sacrifices.  No in-decision.  There is only clarity without doubt or fear.

If I had to choose only ONE sentence that explains what I do for people, it would beI stop entrepreneurs from sacrificing their life by helping them build a business that fits their current life while creating more personal freedom.

Im a realist; and all I know is that building your business and getting better life balance and personal freedom is not as easy as the GURUS tell you.

And on that note, I want you to know thatIm NOT a GURU Im a businessman who happens to be in real estate investing & spend my days as a real estate investor coach helping others build a true real estate business that fulfills their life dreams.

I KNOW business because its what Ive been doing all my life.

So Im not surprised if youre feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, exhausted , wondering where to turn.

In other words, youre walking around in a fog.

I started real estate investor coaching because I know how to help people like you.  And Im tired of watching peoples dreams get crushed every day.

Im blessed to be born an entrepreneur.  Ive lived experiences that can never be taught.  But Im also a student of learning.  Theories, strategies, ideas, business models & marketing changes.  The WORLD changes, and we have to adapt.

Thats my purpose.  I know it in my soul.  Ive proven it to the hundreds of people Ive worked with as a real estate business coach already.

The truth is Ive made a lot of mistakes.  Ive failed at many ventures; have built businesses with selfish goals and lost/ignored precious moments & time in the process. Ive disrespected family & friends.  Ive struggled along the path to success, hid from the truth & blamed the world for everything when it was not going my way.

But  I changed because I discovered how tolive in alignment with my values.  It wasnt easy.  I still fall into bad habits.  I still make mistakes.  The difference is I OWN it &take responsibilityfor EVERYTHING.

I know in my heartanyonecan change because my clients have already proven its possible.  Truth be told, I had a hard time believing someone who was anything other than born into entrepreneurship could succeed.

Beyond any doubt, those I inspire to become successful with revenues to gain their freedom & reconnect their lives are the ones who should have the spotlight.  They are the real giants of success. The Belief, Commitment & Strategies theyve injected into their lives are only possible because of the DRIVE they have from within.

At the end of the day, when someone tells mebecause of you I didnt give up, they inspire ME to continue my work as a real estate business coach. Its what Im meant to do and Im so grateful to be able to do it for the remainder of my days on this earth.

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