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The Owner Forumis a month-to-month membership program which offers you theentire libraryof Charles Dobens training materials, as well aspersonal coaching, membership in theWhatsApp groupof like-minded, supportive fellow investors, weekly live groupcoaching calls, and more.

There is no contract, no obligation. It is for investors of all levels new investors to those who own thousands of units already.This program could be just what you need to get those first deals to the closing table!finding multifamily deals where no one else is lookingwill be looking over your shoulder andworking with youEVERY STEP OF THE WAY!In addition, the following can be made available to you: if you need one, we can make one available for yout We can provide you with 50K, and will help you provide the P&S.- We introduce you to qualified Key Principals who can assist you in getting a mortgage.To help you fund your deals / get down payment funding.**CLICK HERE** to listen as Charles explains how he has your backIf you are ready to sign up for this amazing coaching oppprtunity for $697 per month, with no obligation, simply click on the link below:Hear from Charles as he talks about how he can help you overcome of all the inevitable roadblocks in multifamily and apartment investing.

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