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60,000 enter scavenger hunt for $1 million bitcoin prize

Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are taking part in an international scavenger hunt to find clues that promise to lead the winners to a prize of $1 million in bitcoin.

Its called Satoshis Treasure, and its a game thats part logic puzzle and part scavenger hunt, with clues found in both the digital and physical worlds. Each clue will reveal a fragment of the digital key used to access the games bitcoin wallet, and the winner will be the first person or team to put together at least 400 of these fragments to be able to claim the $1 million worth of bitcoin, according to cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk.

Nearly 60,000 people have signed up on the Satoshis Treasure website to receive notifications about new clues and game updates, CoinDeskreported Sunday.

The game is being run and funded by a group of crypto investors. One of the co-creators of Satoshis Treasure, crypto investor Eric Meltzer, told CoinDesk that no single person knows all the locations of the clues or all of the key fragments.

There are so many unknowns in this game that we kind of just want to see what happens, said Meltzer, founding partner of crypto investment firmPrimitive Ventures. Part of the meta game that I think people are going to like is trying to figure out who is behind this.

Game organizers say that since the first clues were released on April 16, many teams have been formed to work together toward finding key fragments and solving the game. A team organizing tool called Ordo has already been created, which will help to properly credit those who solve clues, and fairly divide up the $1 million prize at the end for the winning team.

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Bitcoin holds above $7,000 after hitting 9-month high

Bitcoin holds above $7,000 after hitting 9-month high

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According to the Satoshis Treasure website, the hunt is intended to test the mettle of anyone who wishes to add some excitement to their lives. The game has a simple set of rules that revolve around the tenant of do no harm – keys will not be hidden on private properties, no clues will require any destruction, and participants need to always show respect for fellow hunters.

CoinDesk reports that teams comprise of not only veteran crypto users, but also those new to bitcoin and those who are in it for the thrill of the hunt. The games creators say Satoshis Treasure prioritizes accessibility to anyone who wants to participate. For example, the latest clue was found on physical business cards distributed at the Magical Crypto Conference this weekend in New York.

Id say Satoshis Treasure is so exciting because its the pure joy of a treasure hunt, crypto investor Nic Carter told CoinDesk. Its global and anyone can participate.

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