Youre the best Cody, you motivate me to achieve my goals and others, I started programming and hope to be successful like you. ♥

I put together a wholesale deal and got ready to close but a few issues popped up on the seller side. What I learned in working with Clever Investor and my Mentor is you keep going and do whatever it takes to get the deal done. Thank you Clever Investor for helping me and answering my questions.

Its refreshing that he cares enough to work with you and is actually doing deals still himself.

Closed 2 wholesale deals and one on the way in a couple days. Plus I just closed my first rehab. Thank you Clever Investor for helping start my real estate investing journey!

Cody Sperber Talks How He Flips in His Spare Time

The Case for Mentors: How a Trio of Newbie Investors Did Their First Deal

Hey investors, Cody here with an awesome real-life success story from some of our Clever students.You probably know that Im a solid believer in having a mentor in the real estate investing industry. Actually, Im gonna go as far as to say – dont even think about jumping into REI without one.Having been in this game a while now, I am a mentor myself and offer tons of advice, helpful courses…

How I Turned a House That Smelled like Cat Pee Profitable

I recently rehabbed a house that needed a lot of work and I am so proud of how it turned out. If I can do it, so can you! Stop wasting your money on things that dont benefit you in the long run.

Clever Investor student from Illinois shares shocking image of ice covering the inside of window

How I went from being completely broke to a real estate baller

Do I need a real estate license to be a successful real estate investor?

Stop looking for perfect timing, it doesnt exist

I always get asked the same questions over and over again. How much money is it going to cost me to get a successful real estate business up and running? How much time is it going to take? I had those same questions when I first started. Let me break it down for you.

The effects of the government shutdown and how real estate investing helped this man

Very simply, a Subject-To is a fancy way of saying you are taking the property subject-to the existing lien.

Why You Need to Micro Manage That Deal All the Way to the Closing

Generating leads is about the creativity behind it

Real estate investing is all about creativity, especially when it comes to lead generation. If youre using unique strategies, then youre going to be one step ahead of your competition.

Discover the power of leverage in real estate for 2019

Cody Sperber: Influence and negotiate like a pro

Cody Sperber: Influence and negotiate like a pro


Online marketing is huge, even for real estate investors. Dont miss out on the marketing train and learn how to make you real estate investing classified ads stand out online.

The Marketing Strategy Everyone Should be Doing

Yes!! This is the simple and straightforward answer…

The Marketing Strategy Everyone Should be Doing

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