Work Shops for seasoned veterans – Boot Camps for the up & comers

Unlike others our Work Shops & Boot Camps arecollaborative events where attendees help guide the flow by bringing the focus to what is relevant to them. What questions do you have? Let us answer them.Net 10 years of MHC investment skills and seasoning in 2 days. We have programs geared towards the new or newer and for the experienced owner/operators looking to see something theyve missed – or just hone skills. Affordable. Webelieve strongly in what it is we do & so do our clients.

– You operate profitably but want to MAXIMIZE NOI.

– Put management on Auto Pilot gain control-from-a-distance

– Collection Administrator. You need one even if you only own 1 community.

– Create 100% Resident Curb Appeal and Resident Compliance

– See the ONLY Plug & Play, Franchise Operating Platform in the Industry(This will allow you to add communities like STARBUCKS ADDS STORES!)

– Youre under water or want to prevent that from happening.

– The Ultimate Turnaround Plan. Fast, action oriented and low cost.

– Youre loan is due or you are in default and you need to pump up your NOI.

– Access to hundreds of communities for sale nationwide.

(And 5 ways to keep the deals in the pipe-line flowing)

– The Ultimate 2-Page Purchase Agreement that Protects you & will make sellerswant to do business with you (and reject other offers).

– Remote Due Diligence Checklist and Tools so you know what you are buyingbefore you Kick the Dirt.

– How to Attract Investors to your Acquistions

– Fast Track a 20% Increase in Value! (30 to 60 Days)

– Create a Feeding Frenzy and drive up your Value!

– Marketing Package that will Drive up Value, Shorten your Sales Cycle,

Flush out tire kickers and produce an Offer that Closes.

– Access to almost 1,000 Nationwide Buyers if you decide to sell your community!

– Finding Used Mobile Homes in your Market(s) and below Lender Repo Costs.

– How I Purchased, Moved, Rehabbed & Sold 750 + used Mobile Homes injust 4 years from a Dead Stop.

– 4 low cost marketing strategies to make the phone ring off the hook with prospects.

– Then Cherry Pick for the most Stable Residents. I will show you how to tell.

– There are Hundreds of Investors looking for Safe, Higher Performing Returns

than they get from their Banks and Less Volatility than the Stock Market.

– How to Structure a win-win opportunity that will convince even their Attorneys & Accountants to invest with you.

7. Want To Learn The importance of ActiveManagement Today?

– Execution is key & without a commitment to do that everything else is for naught.

– Discuss the pitfalls and road blocks to effective and ongoing execution of your operating plan.