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Welcome to The White Coat Investor website! We have a lot of fun here while we help each other to avoid doing dumb things with our money. All the information on the site is 100% free to you. There is a ton of information here, and I understand it can be overwhelming to the first timer, so I suggest youstart here with this page.Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your finances and your practice!

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Fire Your Financial Advisor is the comprehensive but high-yield course you were not given in medical school. Go from being financially illiterate to living the good life where financial worries are eliminated and you can focus on what matters most.

Student loan management can be tricky, particularly during residency. Finally, you have all the information you need to manage them from undergraduate until pay-off in one place. Were talking private and federal loans, IDR and forgiveness programs (PSLF, REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, ICR), refinancing, and how to pay off quickly.

Real estate crowdfunding can be an attractive investment for part of your portfolio. Unfortunately, there are over 100 real estate crowdfunding companies out there to wade through. These are the ones you should consider.

What?! Your student loans are still in the hands of the federal government or their incompetent servicers? Get with the times and refinance. Lower rates, better service, less time in debt, and a cash bonus. Whats not to like?

What are the most unbiased, accurate, high-yielding, current, and entertaining financial books for doctors and other high income professionals? Here you go!

Disability insurance is a key type of insurance for the vast majority of physicians and other high-income professionals. Buy it right the first time and you may never have to do it again.

Want confidence investing in the real estate portion of your portfolio? Here are the pros & cons of investing through publicly traded REITs, privately traded REITs, crowdfunding, and syndications.

Should I refinance my student loans? The answer is a no-brainer is youre not going for PSLF. Learn how its the easiest way to save a ton of money today.

This Backdoor Roth IRA tutorial takes you step by step through the contribution process including how to fill out IRS Form 8606. Well show you how to get it done right and avoid mistakes that can cost you time and money.

When will you know if you are competent enough to manage your own personal finances? Here are 10 ways to determine if you are ready to be a DIY investor.

Most of my portfolio is invested in index funds. I hope thats not news to you. Here are the reasons why.

Whole life insurance is pitched to almost every doctor, and perhaps 1/3 of them buy a policy. Unfortunately, most of those end up regretting their decision. Heres what you need to know about whole life insurance.

Financial knowledge isnt enough. Without the X Factor, youll never reach financial success. Motivation breeds hard work and discipline, which in turn breed wealth.

A good portfolio is broadly diversified, low-cost, passively managed, regularly rebalanced, and consistent with its owners need, ability, and desire to take risk.

Today we interview William J Bernstein, MD. We talk his Four Pillars of Investing, history of finance, future stock returns, real estate, gold, and lots more!

Take advantage of the window of opportunity between accumulation and distribution in retirement. Use partial Roth conversions and keep more of your money.

Am I buying Bitcoin now that it is 83% off? Nope. Its still just as dumb of an investment as it was at its peak and before its rise.

If your savings rate is less than 30% its time to delcare WAR on debt and increasing your savings rate. TPP shares his ideas to make it happen.

Its critical for an investor to examine five major categories of investment-related costs and reduce them wherever possible for maximum returns.

Today we answer reader questions about the costs of raising a family, muni bonds, insurance for the military, HSAs & FSAs, downsizing to reach FI, and more!

The White Coat Investor: A Doctors Guide To Personal Finance And Investingnot only summarizes the most important information on the blog, but also contains material not found on the site at all.

The Investors Manifesto: Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon, and Everything in Between

Social Security Made Simple: Social Security Retirement Benefits and Related Planning Topics Explained in 100 Page…

Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them: Lessons from the Life-Changing Science of Behavi…

The Physicians Guide to Personal Finance: The review book for the class you never had in medical school

The booksummarizes the most important information on the blog and contains material not found on the site at all. Straighten out your financial life today! Also available onAudible!

If you havent yet signed up for theFREEmonthly newsletter and regular blog updates by email, here is where you may do so. You can cancel or change your preferences at any time and I wont spam you.

What multiple of gross income is an acceptable mortgage for a physician living in a high cost of living area?

Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.P.T. Barnum