The core development team of the Aeternity Blockchain Network is working on important developments asthe network is scheduled to undergo a hard fork next week on May 28

After the successful first hard fork inFebruary 2019, theAeternity Blockchain Networkis scheduled to undergo itssecond hard forknext week onMay 28. The first hard fork majorly focused on themigration of native Aeternity (AE) tokens on the mainnet. There were also developments on Aeterinitysstate channelsand Aeternitys version of theEthereum virtual machine (AEVM).

Aeternity is scheduled to undergo itssecond hard forknext week onMay 28. The first hard fork majorly focused on the migration of nativeAeternity (AE)tokens on the mainnet. There were also developments on Aeterinitys state channels and Aeternitys version of theEthereum virtual machine (AEVM).

However, before the second hard fork, the Aeternity team is planning topush some core developmentson its blockchain before the second hard fork.

But before we go to discuss the upcoming developments, lets know in brief about theAeternity Blockchain Network.

Aeternityis an open sourceblockchainplatform that majorly focuses on executingsmart contractsand the management ofdecentralized applications (DApps). Besides, the platform majorly focuses on solving issues pertaining toscalability,privacy, andtransaction speeds.

TheAeternity State Channelsfacilitates businesses to interact with their industry players in a private and secure environment.

The Aeternity Blockchain network is a hybrid network combining key elements ofProof-of-Work (PoW)andProof-of-Stake (PoS). PoW helps to achieve consensus among blockchain participants that is crucial in the case ofdecentralized mining activities. While the PoS mechanism helps to achieve better governance.

Besides, Aeternity also provides its participants with the right tools to govern them effectively.

Below are some of thekey areasof focus for the Aeternity core development team before undergoing its scheduled hard fork next week.

Making some significant improvements to Aeternitys version of the

. This will lead to enhancing network performance, efficiency, as well as smart contract usability.

flexibility significantly by enabling generalized accounts. Further creating AE token wallets with

Enhancing the monitoring of transaction propagation throughout the entire Aeternity network.

With the upcoming hard fork, the Aeternity blockchain network will seenew improvements in performance and scalability. A total ofthree hard forksare scheduled this year.

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