NGPF has made me a better, more passionate financial educator and has added longevity to my teaching career.

City-As-School High School, NYNGPF is a family of passionate educators and advocates. Every student deserves a financial education and NGPF offers the support to bring us one step closer.-Amanda Volz

St. Clair High School, MINGPF partners with me as an educator by providing up-to-date, interactive resources allowing me to advocate for financial literacy in my school and across the state.-Jill Wilson

Glenwood Springs High School, COThe professional development, curricular resources, and network NGPF provides give me the support to bring a life-changing personal finance program to my school.-Dan LaSalle

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Check out our newest EdPuzzle videos and activities in the Saving unit!

I was looking for an alternative option to the reconciling-the-checkbook test I have always given, and I found NGPFs activity Managing Your Checking Account. It was PERFECT! Instead of going home tonight and creating a new assessment from scratch, I can now chill with my husband and dogs. Seriously, you all have no idea how much time and work NGPF saves teachers!

I am the only business/finance teacher in my district in rural Northwest Ohio, and NGPFs resources have helped me advance the curriculum that I have been teaching with for the past 8 years!

NGPF has made the uncommon commitment to provide a curriculum that evolves with the rapid pace of our changing financial world. Their work serves as a beacon of excellence for teachers who want meaningful lessons that bring financial literacy to life in their classrooms.

Today I did your lesson where the students debate on whether or not a college student should have a credit card. Not only did the students do a great job, they EXCEEDED my expectations. I had a moderator and then the other students were the audience. I felt REALLY proud when students from the audience started asking awesome questions which showed me they were engaged and really thinking about the topic.

Lots of kids here are getting to take this class and thanks to resources such as yours they are working with current relevant authentic material. I love it and the students love it too!

… teachers will appreciate the turn-key nature of the lessons, which require minimum effort to prepare and deliver.

Thank you for all of your help! I am a high school special education teacher and am finding your resources to be highly applicable for my math students!

I believe the NGPF semester course holds the promise of a resource that economics teachers can trust to teach personal finance and embed the required economics standards simultaneously.

Right now I am watching my first period personal finance students as they work on the Budgeting with Roommates activity. I wish you could see them. They are all thoroughly engaged in discussions about rent, food and parking. What a great activity! I always enjoy this activity as it gets the students thinking about real world issues that they have never really considered.

The mother of one of my students called me to get (Tims) contact information. On their daily commute home in the evening, her son was reteaching concepts from our personal finance class. Clearly her son saw the practical value of the lessons and wanted his mother to better handle the family finances.

LOVE the site. Keep up the great work! I cant describe how much our classes are enjoying the content.

Generosity, Behavioral Finance, Personal Finance, Investing

Enjoy these Memorial Day weekend reads curated by Beth with a few additions from Tim: NGPF Podcast guest, Morgan Housel, is at it again with a valuable piece on Realistic Personal Finance Hacks.My favorite: A finely tuned BS radar that screams red alert when promises of abnormal gains without abnormal sacrifice are offered. Its a time for advice to graduates, heres a few that caught my attention (interesting to see the overlap since they come from two very…

NGPF Podcast: Gene Natali, Author of the Missing Semester, Advocate for Financial Education For ALL Students

Investment consultant to large institutions by day and author, educator and advocate by night aptly describes Gene Natali and the multiple hats he wears. I first met Gene at the JumpStart National Educator Conference where he delivered a rousing keynote address that captured the audiences attention. Pulling from the best of behavioral finance, he frames financial issues in a manner that demonstrates the long-term impact of decisions. This will make even the most impulsive young person…

This weeks FinCap Friday offers some details about a recent philanthropic move made by one of the wealthiest light of the student loan debt crisis, his news came as a pleasant surprise to many students graduating in Atlanta as part of the class of 2019.Find out more about the recent news and what the buzz was all about: If you prefer not to use the online Kahoot quiz, weve addeda no-tech versionwith the questions embedded in the presentation deck!…

NGPF Fellows: Personal Finance Student of the Year Award, Part 2

To acknowledge the efforts that teachers put into their classes, NGPF Fellows have the option to award aPersonal Finance Student of the Year Awardto one student with outstanding contributions in their personal finance class. The Fellow selects a student based on the following criteria: The student has taken the Fellows personal finance class in the 2018-2019 school year The student has demonstrated outstanding performance in the class based on their participation, academic…

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