Heres to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

This summer, 24 changemakers ages 20-35 will come together in Boulder, CO committed to transforming their world and themselves. In an experience unlike any other, these Bold Academy Fellows will cultivate years of critical life skills over four weeks in July. And you can be one of them.

This isThe Bold Academy: a life-changing experience designed to help you find your deepest clarity, build confidence, and unlock your ability to lead the life youve always wanted to live.

Quote to live by:Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel Baker

Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person.

Heres a short video from The Bold Academy co-creator Amber Rae, coming to you from the beautiful mountains above Boulder, Colorado. Dont forget, applications are due at midnight PST tonight!

Co-creator Amber Raes vision for The Bold Academy

Just a reminder that Bold Academy applications are due at midnight tonight PST.Apply here.

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A dear friend of mine came to visit me in Boulder today and within 20 minutes he changed my life and the trajectory ofThe Bold Academy.

His name isRyan Allis. We became close friends last year when I helped him co-found a new division of his company. Most recently, as a 27-year old entrepreneur, his companyiContact was acquired for $169M. Im deeply grateful to say that Ryan has played a pivotal role in many of my business endeavors. Today, he agreed to be the Entrepreneur-in-Residence forThe Bold Academythis July.

So back to those 20 minutes. It went something like this

Me: Ryan! We have SO MANY INCREDIBLE PEOPLE whove applied to Bold. We have EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE who deeply WANT and NEED this but cannot afford it, and theyre questioning whether they should apply. How can we ensure the most passionate, eager, caring and driven 24 change-makers are here this July? Oh, and theres one caveat: we have to pay for a lot of expenses like operational costs and housing in the next two weeks.

Ryan: Oh, thats easy. We shorten the application, create a fundraising platform for those who cannot currently afford it, pick the 50 most awesome finalists, and then bring the first 24 who submit tuition to Boulder this July.

So heres the deal if you were thinking about applying but didnt because of the cost, I would encourage you toapply todayand well work with you on a crowdsourcing campaign on the fundraising platform we select, enabling both you and us to reach out to sponsors and donors in our networks.The application deadline remains tonight, April 5, at Midnight PST.

Well select and notify the 50 finalists on Monday, providing clear instructions for how to set-up the fundraising platform along with best practices for raising the cash. For those who have the $7,500 right now, well have instructions for how to pay through Google checkout.

And then, the first 24 to submit tuition will join us in Boulder this summer.

Think youre crazy enough to change the world?Apply here.

So, to wrap it up, here are our three big announcements:

Ryan Allis has agreed to be our Entrepeneur-in-Residence in Boulder this July

Were creating a fundraising platform to help people pay for the experience

50 Finalists will be selected and notified on Monday

Know you need to be part of this first class? Applications close today, April 5, at Midnight PST.Applynow. And pleasetweetand share this opportunity with your networks too.

This summer,24 people will come together in Boulder, committed to transforming their world and themselves. In an experience unlike any other, these 24 will cultivate years of critical life skills over four weeks in July. And you can be one of them.

This isThe Bold Academy: a life-changing experience designed to help you find your deepest clarity, build confidence, and unlock your ability to lead the life youve always wanted to live.

Deep inside, youve felt the power of your potentialbut you havent been able to reach it yet.

Youre tired of doing what youshouldbe doing and youre ready to do what youremeantto be doingbut you arent sure where to begin.

You believe in your ability to do big things, to never settle, and to make the world a better placebut you arent sure how to get there.

You yearn for a community that will push you to reach your full potential, no matter the obstacles that are holding you back.

Most of all, youre ready for an experience that willunleash you.

Because we all possess more potential than we realizepotential that once unleashed, can make any vision a reality.

Because the greatest opportunity we have in life is discovering what were meant to doand then doing it.

Because when were awake, alive, and impassionedtogether, we change the world.

Four weeks of powerful, guided introspection and learning coupled with hands-on skill building, remarkable speakers, and a holistic lifestyle including fitness and adventures.

Our aim is to provide you with a profound experience that unearths clarity and builds confidence, enabling you to shape your own path and make powerful contributions to changing society for the better.

The program curriculum will include a series of expert-led workshops, skill-building sessions, and learn-by-doing experiences that fall into the following categories:

Knowing yourself, your purpose, what to be true to, and when youre at your best.

Behaving in a way that is consistent with your true self.

Overcomingsocietalexpectations and being powerful and compassionate in who you really are.

Fluency in failure, experimentation, and iteration as the path to success.

The ability to generate passion, money, resources, and manpower around an idea, cause, or project.

Knowing how to draw clarity from chaos and make plans that work.

All of the workshops will adhere to a hands-on approach. Our aim is create participatory experiences that will be framed, undertaken, and then debriefed as a group.

Overcome fear, take action, and plan a meaningful life course.

Tell your personal story in a way that is compelling and sticky.

Network your way into opportunities that are aligned with your strengths and personal interests.

Design your own career path, whether traditional or unconventional.

Marshal resources to get an idea off the ground, start a project, or launch a business.

Develop and cultivate an online personal brand, to help gain career momentum.

Speak and carry yourself in a way that is powerful and authentic.

Identify and create work opportunities that are exciting, challenging, and strategic.

Tap into the power of risk-taking, experimentation, and failure to advance your career and personal growth.

Use a healthy lifestyle to maintain energy, focus, and do your best work.

Build a deeply supportive community of peers that will help you reach your full potential in the years to come.

Entrepreneurs who have succeeded, and those who have failed, including a 27-yr-old who recently sold his company for $169M.

Networking specialists who can teach the art of relationship building.

Designers who understand the power of living systems and the role that relationships play in making real change.

Thought-leaders on nonconformity and the art of building non-traditional lives (and personal income streams).

Experienced investors who know what it takes to make a project or venture happen.

World-class communicators who will teach the art of storytelling and personal narrative.

Yoga teachers that specialize in real-world applications of the practice, including centeredness, confidence, clarity, productivity, and focus.

We believe a holistic approach to life and learning is the best route to success and fulfillment. Thats why the four weeks in Boulder will include extra-curricular adventures such as cooking classes, dance lessons, yoga, camping, and wilderness hikes, among other things.

Well have a personal trainer on-staff, helping you feel like your best physical self. Well also have a career coach on-staff, helping you understand your unique gifts and set goals for your future.

24 individuals who are ready to conquer the world will convene in Boulder this July to unleash their full potential.

The cost of tuition is $7,500. Tuition covers all programming/workshops/speakers, housing (well be living together in small groups), healthy food, all transportation in Boulder, access to a personal trainer/nutritionist, access to a career coach, as well as numerous activities and adventures like cooking classes, dance lessons, yoga sessions, camping, and other secret surprises.

April 9:50 finalists are selected and notified.

The first 24 to submit tuition will join us in Boulder this summer.

In our inaugural year, we have 24 spots available. Because our aim is to bring together the right mix of people who are eager for this experience and can handle being pushed way outside their comfort zone, weve designed an application process.

The Bold Academy team brings a range of experiences from Apple, TED, NBC, United Nations Foundation, Seth Godin, iContact, StartingBloc, Fast Company, and a number of entrepreneurial ventures. Were committed to giving our students an unprecedented experience.

Amberis a motivational force of nature, hell-bent on cultivating a world where humanpotential is not governed by what were told we can and cannot do, but rather by our highestintentions and inner gifts. Shes obsessed with helping people live the lives they are meantto live, and designs her projects accordingly. In the last two years, Amber launched theDominoProjectwith Seth Godin, turned insomnia into aglobal movementvia Night Owls, and helpedhundreds of people give their dreams direction, many of which were throughThe PassionExperiment. Shes been seen in The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post, BBC, andABC World News.

Amber is building The Bold Academy to give people the perspective and skills needed toclaim the lives they know theyre meant to live.

Nathanielhas spent the last five years trying to understand why it is so difficult for talented young people to find fulfilling work. The journey took him through East Africa, South America, and Europe, as well as the worlds of social impact and sustainability consulting. Armed with those experiences, Nathaniel co-foundedReWork, a talent agency for sharp young professionals and college grads that refuse to settle for work that doesnt inspire them. Nathaniel is anUnreasonablefellow, aStartingBlocfellow, and holds a Masters in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability.

Nathaniel is building the The Bold Academy because the world is ready for it.

Danahas a deep expertise in creating powerful conversations and eliciting peoples best intentions. Her work with facilitation and authentic leadership led to her co-foundingThe Lotus, a leadership consultancy focused on cultivating a just, resilient, and thriving world. Dana holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability.

Dana is coordinating the development of The Bold Academys immersion curriculum and will be the primary host.

Ryanbelieves you can achieve anything you set your mind to. He was the co-founder and CEO ofiContactuntil it wasacquired in February 2012by Vocus for $169M. Hes passionate about using technology and entrepreneurship as tools to change the world. Hes anangel investorin companies in the U.S. and East Africa via theHumanityFund, the author of the bookZero to One Million, and Chairman of the .

Ryan is serving as our Entrepreneur-in-Residence because he lives for inspiring others to reach their full potential so that together, we create positive change in the world.

Antoniocomes from the world of media and communications, with 10 years of experience in broadcast journalism including roles with NBC, E!, BET Networks, and Mediabistro, among others. He foundedTHINQACTION, which specializes in working with our societys most underappreciated asset: the young professional who is hungry and ready to reach their full potential. Antonio holds a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University, and sits on the advisory board .

Antonio is helping create The Bold Academys curriculum, and will be on-site to support attendees this summer in Boulder.

Cloe has passion and talent for bringing people together. She has experience in logo and web design, journalism, event planning, and cognitive psychology research. Cloe loves interviewing people and recently launched theCollege Course Quality Projectto document the best qualities of learning experiences. She founded and organizedTEDxMiddleburyin 2010, and now works forTEDon a variety of TEDx initiatives.

Cloe is helping with The Bold Academys program design and communications, and will facilitate and document experiences on-site.

Jamieloves making lists, rhyming, and events that run smoothly. He has a passion for the real world and knows that we had faces before we had Facebook. He has empowered college students to become social entrepreneurs withFeelGood, helped neighbors connect and build community atFront Porch Forum, and he is an active member of theCouchSurfingcommunity. In his free time he likes to shred the gnar in the backcountry and ride his bicycle.

Jamie is coordinating logistics because no one wants to hear actually, that event happened 3 hours ago.

Rob started theCornell FreeRice Initiativein college. He loved the idea of being able to help people in povertywhile playing agameonline. After college, he sought to help end the cycle of poverty by joining Teach for America.While teaching, he found that his students learned physics best throughmeaningful workand picked up aMasters in Education. His next big endeavor is to start his own business that helps fight poverty in the developingworld. And because he understands that entrepreneurship can get lonely, he inventedMBA with Friendsto gethis business education with the best people imaginable – his friends.

Hoping to help others find meaningful work, Rob is currently working to create the most kick-ass curriculum possiblefor the Bold Academy.

The landscape of higher education is about to change.

Too many college students are carrying diplomas that speak nothing to their true potential.

Too many recent grads feel confused about what to do with their lives and how to contribute to something meaningful.

Thats why were buildingThe Bold Academy. Its a 4-week experience designed to help changemakers between the ages of 20 and 35 find clarity, build confidence, and unlock their full potential.

Were creating this for those who want to do big things to change the world but arent sure how to best align what they love with what they do.

Applications are open nowand close on April 5th at midnight PST.

Weve brought an amazing team together, which you can read all abouthere, and well be inviting experts to lead workshops and exercises too.

If you know of a changemaker who is ready to figure out how to make the most of themselves in this world, please pass this along.