Companies just need to sign up, give us the emails of the investors theyd like to verify, and pay. Investors fill out a simple questionnaire, make a few certifications, and upload supporting documentation. Most users will spend less than 5 minutes on our site to complete the process.

Companies can rest assured that use of m meets the new federal requirement of taking reasonable steps to verify their investors. Investors can always rely on us to securely manage their confidential informationsafe from any unauthorized and prying eyes.

All verification reviews are conducted by licensed attorneys who are bound by professional ethical codes and duties of confidentiality. Investors have the option to hide their personally identifiable information so that even the reviewers will not see it. Learn More

Recent federal laws require companies raising money through private placement capital raises where they generally solicit to verify that their investors are accredited investors. A simple questionnaire isnt enough companies must take further reasonable steps to prove their investors are accredited investors with potentially serious consequences for failing to do so. does just that. We help companies comply with their legal obligations while protecting investors confidentialinformation.

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