A full suite of consulting solutions from peer analysis to targeting and roadshows.

Our in-house design experts create and array of marketing collateral to present your message.

Multi-channel solutions to reach more customers and build your brand.

We deliver high-value media placements that have a lasting impact.

Full Service Oil Gas Marketing and Consulting Agency

We have a strategy, experience and a proven track record in increasing leads for our clients

EnerCom has been providing thoughtful oil and gasconsulting,analytics,valuationandinsightto the global oil and gas industry for more than twenty years. Our focus is on helping our clients manage to theiradvantagesand capturerecognitionfor their efforts.

EnerCom is a globally recognized oil and gas consulting firm with a core focus on investor relations.

EnerCom helps you segment and target institutional buy-side, sell-side, retail and others most likely to support your story and recognize your companys value.

EnerCom writes announcements and conference call scripts that strengthen your brand, give stakeholders valuable information quickly and reinforce your competitive advantages.

With more than 150 years of combined industry experience, EnerCom can help guide and maintain your investor relations strategies.

EnerComs established relationships and trusted reputation help put you in front of the right investors and analysts with a differentiated message. Our analysis supports our processes.

EnerCom has helped hundreds of companies develop presentations that tell a differentiated story, complete with compelling technical illustrations, graphics, maps and valuation analysis.

EnerCom manages the logistics, activities, and event attendance. We develop an event specific presentation and arrange face time with key media outlets.

Our professionals provide the advantage of independent insight and expertise to differentiate your brand.

Comprehensive quantitative analysis, proprietary data and proprietary valuation models help you gain insight on how the market sees your value proposition, identify valuation gaps or brand premiums and focus on the core metrics driving your business.

Managing the Capital Cycle effectively is the single-most important managerial task in the oil and gas business. EnerComs experienced professionals can help you assess and benchmark how you raise, allocate and generate capital across the business cycle.

Getting high-stakes decisions right the first time is essential to maximizing value and serving shareholders interest. EnerComs professionals can help you evaluate share buyback programs, capital raises, financial risk, recapitalization, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, activist investors and management changes to make sure your first move is the right one.

Our extensive database allows us to create detailed and customized weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.

The Weekly provides a frequent update on oil and gas valuations and insight into the variables and trends that investors consider when making decisions. Its your early warning system.

This comprehensive report cuts through the overwhelming mass of macroeconomic and industry-specific data and focuses on key drivers affecting your business operations.

The Quartile™ analysis benchmarks your company on a quarterly and annual basis, and helps you and your Board evaluate performance on the basis of proven operational and financial metrics.

EnerCom utilizes an array of valuation metrics to determine both public and private company economic values.

Knowing what your company is worth is the first step in developing your brand, managing your balance sheet and evaluating strategic options. EnerComs professionals have been helping companies understand their value from the markets perspective, identify value gaps or premiums and evaluate strategies for creating long-term value.

Investments in private energy companies are often difficult to value. EnerCom has a multi-year track record of helping some of the worlds largest energy investors value private holdings in oil and gas, oilfield services, alternative energy and more. We can help you get an objective, unbiased and comprehensive understanding of fair market value.

Take the pulse of the market and assess the value of your brand

Get the inside story on what the market really thinks of your value proposition, brand, assets, team and more through a confidential perception study. Trusted relationships with the investment community combined with confidentiality ensure you get the unvarnished truth and the situational awareness you need to address key issues before they become insurmountable problems.

Communications expertise for oil and gas businesses.

The oil and gas sector is unique. We leverage our deep understanding of the industry to craft effective strategic communications that will resonate with your target audience.

Planning for today prepares you for tomorrows crisis.

Effectively communicate with participants within your organization. We provide the tools to keep an ongoing honest and open dialogue with your employees and stakeholders.

Building your brand early supports your long-term strategic plans with all stakeholders. We can develop a comprehensive plan to deliver your message directly to your target audiences.