More people invest in mutual funds than any other investment product. As practiced by the vast majority of non-professional individual investors, investing, for them, means investing in mutual funds.

However, while mutual funds are a popular and relatively simple investing vehicle, many individual investors lack the financial know-how, are time-challenged, and suffer from information overload. As a consequence, numerous academic and professional studies show, unfortunately, that the average investor has a relatively low level of investment literacy. As a consequence, their returns are most often considerably below those provided by the markets investment benchmarks.

For individuals, there are a number of ways for solving this dilemma. The Schoolhouses response is to use actionable-education, which means preparing an investor with the know-how to create an investment portfolio that is easy-to-understand, low-cost, high-quality, and good for the long-term. For details on how this type of investing can be accomplished, go to the next section, theSchoolhouse Solution.

A professional lifetime, over 40 years, in and around financial markets has given me the opportunity to absorb a huge dose of experience and expertise about the investment process. I dont manage peoples money. I teach them how to do that for themselves. Through theSchoolhouse, Id like to share my investing know-how with those individuals who want to become knowledgeable mutual fund investors.

The Fund Investors Schoolhouse is a learning center for mutual fund investing know-how.

[Loth] … sees his role as being someone who wades through multiple viewpoints and data, and then makes sense out of them for people who dont have a high degree of investment literacy.

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