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Understanding investment concepts to make wiser decisions

Investing is a great way of reaching your financial goals. And whatever youre investing for, one key to success is understanding what youre investing in.

HSBC Global Asset Managements Investment Academy website covers key investment, financial and economic concepts, providing you the insights you need to effectively navigate the investment world and make more informed decisions about your mutual fund investments.

Source: HSBC Global Asset Management, March 2019. For illustrative purposes only. This page is prepared for general information purposes only and does not have any regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any specific person who may receive it. This page does not constitute an offering document and should not be construed as a recommendation, an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe to any investment.

Careers, media, investor and corporate information

Investment involves risk and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the offering document for further details including the risk factors. The website has not been reviewed by SFC. Issued by HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited.

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This site is for individual investors in Hong Kong only.

The Funds invest in various investments, such as equities, bonds, money market instruments, collective investment schemes and alternative investments. Each fund has a different investment objective and risk profile.

The Funds may subject to the risks of investing in emerging markets and smaller companies; and may subject to the concentration risks when the investments are concentrated in one or a small number of markets or sectors.

The Funds may invest in non-investment grade bonds, unrated bonds, contingent convertible securities, mortgage backed securities, asset backed securities and urban investment bonds issued by PRC local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) which are subject to additional risks and volatility.

The Funds may have substantial investments in securities issued by a single sovereign issuer (including but not limited to issuer with a non-investment grade credit rating) and are subject to higher concentration risk, sovereign risk and credit risk.

The Funds may gain exposure to hedge fund, absolute return strategy, private equity, real estate sector and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which are subject to additional risks and volatility.

The Funds may invest in onshore Chinese securities through various market access schemes and China A-shares Access Products. Such investments involve additional risks, including the risks associated with Chinas tax rules and practices.

When investing in Indian bonds, the Funds may need to comply with the licensing regulations in India and may subject to additional risks, including quota restrictions and tax risks.

The Funds may pay dividends out of capital or gross of expenses. Dividend is not guaranteed and may result in capital erosion and reduction in net asset value.

Because the Funds base currency, investments and classes may be denominated in different currencies, investors may be affected adversely by exchange controls and exchange rate fluctuations. There is no guarantee that the currency hedging strategy applied to the relevant classes will achieve its desired result.

Investing in money market funds are not the same as placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit taking company. The Funds which are money market funds have no obligation to redeem units at their offering value and such Funds are not subject to the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Investors may not recoup the original amount invested in the Funds.

The Funds investments may involve substantial credit, currency, volatility, liquidity, interest rate, tax and political risks. Investors may suffer substantial loss of their investments in the Funds.

The Funds are NOT equivalent to time deposits. Investors should not invest in the Funds solely based on the information provided herein and should read the offering document of the Fund for details.

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