Network with 500 entrepreneurs and investors. Learn how to start your startup, and raise money from investors.

The Startup Conference is known for being the most founder-friendly, authentic conference around. Get real actionable advice from founders who have been there.

This years program features the best entrepreneurs and investors who share specific metrics and strategies for raising a Series A.

There are many ways you can meet and pitch investors. Enter thepitch competition. Sign-up forVC office hours. Or just network and make new contacts.

Reviews for the 2018 Startup Conference are in:

The Startup Conference: A Stepping Stone to Silicon Valley

Evaluating Startups at The Startup Conference

Gaming AI Startup HashCut Wins Best Startup Of 2018 At This Years The Startup Conference in Silicon Valley

Each year, we feature the most relevant entrepreneurs who can provide actionable advice for your startup and share their tricks and secrets on funding and growing a tech startup.

I am so GLAD I went! I had a great day learning so much from aspiring people!

I pitched to one of the VCs during the VC office hours and his feedback was an invaluable tool for me. Will most definitely attend it again.

Top 10 Articles of 2019 for Startup Entrepreneurs

Here are the top 10 articles of 2019 (so far) for you, the startup entrepreneur

Congratulations. You just graduated from college and you passed Facebook/Googles grueling interview process. Their job offer feels really high — you cant believe anyone is willing to give you more than $100K/year after all these years eating ramen and cheap pizza in college. Of course you should take it. Or should you?

We are proud at the Startup Conference to host entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries each year. But for the 9th edition, in 2018, we are noticing a disturbing trend. The number of entrepreneurs who told us they were not able to get a visa and therefore wont be able to attend, seems to have exploded.

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10 Words of Wisdom from Drew Houston at the First Startup ConferenceMarch 25, 2018

All finalists for the startup pitch competition have been notified. Now moving on to the VC office hours selection: