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The Mentor Project has been developed over a period of more than 30 years with the help and guidance of some of the top professionals in the real estate investment industry.This is the only fully integrated video and text real estate investing program dedicated to the entire real estate market from single family to advanced apartment and commercial real estate principles and practices.The contents contains the largest knowledge base available in our industry today. See itHERE.You will be supported by our full time staff of professional investors committed to helping you secure your financial future in less than 5 years.

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Join Bill Angove of Asset Preservation Inc. (Subsidiary of the Stewart Tttle Company), and Mentor Project Director Bob Peterson as they introduceThe top investment professionals will tell you their most important and powerful marketing tools are the ability to properly analyze the real estate investment, and to identify tax deferred opportunities missed by the amateurs.LETS GET STARTED

Bob opens the Professional Development Series by defining the three most important questions that every real estate investor asks.You will learn how the markets are organized, the role of the agentand how the principles of value are defined.Bob will share a series of extraordinary value added case studies in which exceptional profits were created through the imagination and creativity that was forged from the client/mentor relationship.Bob completes Section 1 by building a simple business plan that can be easily integrated into the daily activity of any real estate professional, or investor.

PART IIIStrategic Purchase, Management & DispositionBob conducts a no holds bared reality check as you discover very quickly that merely understanding the technical principles will be useless if you do not know how to apply them.

When you are finished you will know the truth about real estate investing, and you will know the answer to all of these questions, and more.

What is the truth about cash flow programs, out-of-state investing, no money down. foreclosure, options, probate, quick fix & flip, buying property wholesale and, finally, the truth about expensive mentor programs that cost thousands of dollars and promising big profits?

Is this property really as good as it looks, and what have you missed?

If you find that great property . . . . is it right for you?

How will you find the right property, in the right place at the right time?

Are you getting the right information from the agent, or property owner?

Do you know how to calculate and properly apply the principles of CAP rate, IRR, MRR and the marginal rate of return?

Do you know that a CAP rate shouldneverbe applied to residential income for the purpose of establishing value?

Do you understand how income is effected by demographic shift, concession assignment and expense reallocation?

Do you know how to accurately determine both current and future vacancy?How will you avoid costly mistakes?

What are the unforeseen property management and maintenance problems. And, what is the owner and broker concealing?

What are the best market conditions for resale, and how will you recognize them?

Should you attempt to manage the property, or hire a professional?

Where will the needed financing be obtained, and at what cost?

If you do make a serious mistake, how will you recover, and what is your exit plan?

Finally, and most important, do you know how to recognize added and unrecognized value?

How to intelligently use skillful management and financing principles to acquire a small apartment building or commercial property with the no money down techniques used by smart professionals.

How to turn the average property into a money machine.

How to avoid the fatal errors made by most investors

How to reap huge profit from a neighborhood filled with For Sale signs.

How to turn a bad property into a good property.

How to useproperty management strategy to create strong profits in weak markets.

How to sell and rent your property when no one else can.

How to planthe saleat the time of purchase, and why it insures a profitable outcome every time.

How to convert a small house into a small apartment building in less than a year.

How to find extraordinary investment opportunities that others have missed.

How to always locates theright property, in theright placeat theright time

How to instantly locks in profit without added effort or added cash.

How to put sales agents, mortgage brokers, property managers and owners to work for you.

How to pyramid financing and expand portfolio holdings without the need for additional cash.

Whether you are buying a house for resale, an apartment building or a multiple tenant commercial property, as an investor or agent, your success will be forever measured by the extent to which you understand and embrace sound real estate investment planning.

TheForum Workshop Livelooks at the world of real estate investing in a way rarely seen by the average person.When you are finished you will know more about real estate investing than most any real estate professional you will ever meet.

How is a good investment analysis program like an American Express card? Answer: A real estate investor never leaves home without it.investment analysis program software created just for the real estate investor moves seamlessly through your data entry tabs to the correct assumptions for determining cash flow and the return on investment.

and follow alongas Destry demonstrates how to confidently build the first year APOD model (Annual Property Operating Data) while reinforcing the importance of properly interpreting the data effecting income and expenses. You will learn how present and future capital improvements effect income, and the strategy for working backwards to calculate the maximum investment for a required rate of return. From first contact to the close of escrow your command of the correct investment analysis process will be your most valuable tool as you build confidence and success.

as innovative and creative, the Investor Library is the exclusive copyright of the Mentor Project.  The Forums Program Library has been developed over a period of more than 25 years, and contains over 200 files and more than 400 pages of special presentations, illustrations, spread sheet tools and more than 100 low down, no down and lease/option techniques. Certain Library content is used with thevideo workshops to create a fully integrated lesson plan and, unlike outdated books and audio tapes, all Programs are maintained on-line in order to insure thatand Library content is up to date with current real estate investment and market trends in every region of the country. You will never be behind the market because the book or audio tapes you purchased have lost their relevance.

The Investor Investor Library is currently in use by college and university programs, and is licensed for training by financial institutions and private investment groups throughout the United States and Canada. The Investor Library is available only to Members, and cannot be found anywhere on the Internet, in any library or book store.

walks you step-by-step down the road of success as you build building strong purchase, management and strategic planning techniques from the. If you are a new investor it is the quintessential guide to selecting your first investment. For the experienced investor and real estate professional it is the elite resource for refining property and wealth building skills. We have provided for every need including the purchase agreement, strategic check lists for the tenant lease, the most frequently used property management forms and more than 30 dynamic spreadsheet illustrations to enhance your investment analysis and property management skills.The carefully crafted Table of Contents combined with the hyper link construction insures that you can return to any topic of interest with the click of your mouse.

This is a complete course intended to provide a broad overview of basic investment property analysis.This course material is integrated with Part I ofin order to provide a solid foundation for the advanced real estate investing principles that follow in Parts II and III.

is a collection of purchase and financing strategies assembled from the transaction files of The Mentor Project, and our strategic partners, during a period of more than 35 years.This is a rich compendium of time tested no down, low down and lease option techniques essential for anyone planning to work with a limited budget, or in the syndication markets.

Paper Profit & The Discounted Mortgage Market Is there an investment that yields a return of up to 50% each year in which your principal is secured, management free and that can be created with very little money? Yes there is, but you will not find it in the usual places. Exceptional investment opportunities arise form exceptional economic conditions. As the financial markets begin to tighten underwriting standards it will be critical for the real estate professional to understand how private financing is created, and how the markets are organized.When Albert Einstein was asked if the Theory of Relativity was his most important discovery he thoughtfully replied, No, compounded interest. Ever since man began trading in the coin of the realm the power of compounded interest has been the driving force of all financial institutions. Your bank lends money to make money. Shouldnt you know how to do it, too.Paper Profit & The Discounted Mortgage Marketwill show you how real estate professionals are creating huge profits and extraordinary income by simply understanding how to originate, buy and sell mortgage notes

Big Profits In The Small Partnership Using The LLCby unlocking the extraordinary wealth building process of small group formation.opening the way for equity growth and continuing income with absolutely no money out of the syndicators pocket. You will be guided through the LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) formation and promotion process, and you will learn how to organize the financial participation forboth partner and syndicator. All you need is one and you can be set for life.

Commercial Real Estate – What Everyone Should Know In A Challenging Market The value of a commercial or investment property is built on the strength of the lease. The lease is the life blood of the business. This one of a kind presentation carefully guides the modern real estate agent through the litigation mine field by focusing on what isimportant. Be sure your lease, or PSA ( Purchase & Sales Agreement) is drafted correctly, and avoid costly litigation.Ambrose Bierce said it best when he defined litigation as a machine which you go into as a pig and come out as as sausage. Avoid messy disputes by getting your lease and purchase documents right the first time.

The primary objective of this workbook is to equip real estate agents and brokers with a basic background regarding 1031 tax deferred exchanges and to provide a proven action plan for identifying, contacting and marketing your services as a real estate professional. The ultimate objective is for you to earn more commissions, better referrals and learn new ways to market your services to investors. As a result of your efforts,real estate investors should also be dramatically improving their position in the real estate market and obtaining better return on their investments.

rs and real estate professionals have been taking advantage of a powerful tax strategy created by IRC Section 1031 the tax deferred exchange. You and your clients can accumulate wealth and preserve real estate assets by learning how to defer capital gain taxes when disposing of virtually any property held for investment. Thanks to IRC Section 1031, a properly structured exchange allows an investor to sell a property, reinvest the proceeds in a new property and defer all capital gain taxes.

ASSET PRESERVATION, INC. – A Subsidiary Of The Stewart Title Company

Someone said, Plan your work, and work you plan. Having detailed plans to follow is vital in achieving just about anything worthwhile. The lack of good planning is a very common reason for failure in many endeavors. As Napoleon Hill stated in the best selling success book of all time, Most ideas are still-born, and need the breath of live injected into them through definite plans of immediate acton

To become an expert (or to fine-tune your knowledge if you already believe you are one), you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and begin digging through information. Since not all information that you gather will be relevant to the development of your business plan, it will help you to know what you are looking for before you get started. In order to help you with this process, we have developed an outline of the essential elements of a good business plan.

Every successful business maintains a current business plan. Remember, too, that a business plan is a work-in-progress. As the market changes, you must adjust your plan to accommodate the changing dynamics. A clear definition of your business and services will be critical to your success. If you want your customers to believe in you they must be satisfied that your business objectives are worthy of their trust

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To combine private and institutional financing techniques to purchase single family, apartments and small commercial properties with little or no money down.

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Lets get started. Never worry about the stock market again. Perhaps you are concerned about the investment requirements. You can enjoy the rich cash flow benefits of real estate without having to accept the full financial and management risk as a member of the Forums investor network. Through the ForumsMentor Projectwe will show you how to invest alone, or share the wealth with others as you will be given the support you need to enhance your investment and profit potential. During the Forums Field Lesson Sessions you will work with your mentor in order to learn how to properly analyze purchase opportunities while you discover the investment and marketing strategies used by the most successful investment professionals. You will learn how to share documents, make presentations, discuss your properties and promote your investment practice like a professional.

As a member we will organize your training and your mentor will be available to you by phone and email. Our mentors and field training associates will guide you through the appropriate application of the Mentor Projects on-line video and text library, supervise field exercises and provide the appropriate coaching oversight during your initial investment transactions. Members will also be entitled to independent Third Party oversight for transactions in progress.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, members will be offered the opportunity to build valuable local networks, and throughout California, using the Mentor Projects proprietary email lists.If you are ready to build profitable relationships with sales agents, mortgage brokers, property managers and owners, then become a member of the The Mentor Project, today. We will show you how to find therightproperty – in therightplace – at therighttime. We Guarantee It!!

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We will show you how to accurately assess current and future value while building strong property management skills.You will learn how to effectively communicate with the investors who desperately need your help.You will be on your way to financial security in less than 5 years.Get started right now with The finest and Program Library in the industry.Please seeon-demandTHE MENTOR PROJECTfor Registration details.You can start immediately.

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