Small non-profits have different technology needs than for-profit companies because they are operating with different values and a different funding system. This results in some really significant changes to the technology you might setup for one. Everything from the website to conference calling capabilities, to payroll, to accounting, to computers, and cloud storage is impacted by these differences. Now, before

Originally published in the Renton Reporter dated October 27th, 2017. Link. Before we had cell phones in our hands or GPS units were in our cars, there were paper maps, gas station attendants and street signs around town that pointed us to significant landmarks. In fact those signs are still around in a lot of cities and theyre called wayfinding.

All through school and at home and in college I was taught that multitasking and diversifying were the key to success. In corporate america I was taught the same be good at a lot of stuff and you will have job security. I lived the multitasking and jack-of-all trades philosophy and I even have a Sunday-comic cutout on my refrigerator

One of the reasons you hear people telling you to focus on fewer things in your life is because when you do, you find ways to get more from less. When you spend more time specializing you become more and more of an expert. Being an expert results in great pay, industry recognition, and the ability to choose who you work

Intro What are we talking about, three easy steps If youre in the business of creating websites and youre looking to provide your services to non-profits it is important to understand how these organizations differ from for-profit businesses. The most fundamental thing you need to understand is that non-profits are looking for donors and volunteers. Without these two groups

Google advertising is a great way to generate traffic to your website and your products. AdWords and product ads get served based on the settings you choose and the amount of money you are willing to pay to acquire a click. This is great for bringing shoppers in to an ecommerce store but you really have to pay attention to

Online chat is a big deal these days and were seeing chat boxes show up on websites all over the internet like a spreading pandemic. There are tools that make adding chat easy, like Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim). There are BOTs that can handle common questions and appointment scheduling. But, what you need to know is that online chat capability

I really like to work with my hands. It started when I was young and my parents had a wood shop in the garage I watched my mom and dad make and fix all sorts of things around the house. It continued when I was given Legos and science kits. Fast forward and Im now setting an example for my

You may have a hobby. You may have an interest. You may like to write about something. You might be trying to find other people like yourself. If so, you might consider creating a website. And, if you do, you might want to hear some advice on getting started from someone who has created more than 25 sites. If so,

Stress is a big deal. It starts in the morning when you get up (and sometimes it wakes you up). If you have kids to deal with or a errands to run before getting to work, your stress level is already up. If you have to drive to get to work, add some more stress. If your boss is in

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