Real estate investing is a tried and true way of obtaining wealth, securing your financial future, and building a lasting legacy. If you look beyond the traditional forms of investing like buy and hold rentals or fix and flips, there are other ways to reach financial freedom!Mortgage note investing is an alternative investment opportunity that allows you togrow your retirement, make passive income, or increase your earned income without having to own the property meaning less risk and liability for you!This method of investing has been around for decades and is proven way of earning higher than average returns secured by real estate. If youre looking to create your ideal life, reach financial freedom, or grow your own location independent business, see how Note Investing Academy can help you get there.

Earn passive monthly income without dealing with tenants, toilets, or repairs while also gaining the opportunity to acquireproperties for deeper discounts than other types of real estate investing!

Work from home, an office, an RV, or a villa in Thailand. All you need is a phone and internet connection to run a note investing business. Can traditional real estate investing offer that?

Note Investing can supplement your income or replace your income. Its up to you if you want to  invest full-time or part-time. You can make your note business as big or small as youd like!

Note investing sounds pretty complicated but it really isnt. Instead of investing in a property, you invest in the mortgage, or the debt on that property. When the homeowner makes their mortgage payment, they pay you instead of Wells Fargo or Bank of America. Youve become the bank!

Investing in mortgage notes is one of the best forms of creating passive income and getting cash-flow. Since youre the bank, not the landlord,  you receive a check every month without ever having to worry about tenants, repairs, taxes, insurance, or the liability of owning the home. The best part? Mortgage notes are secured by real estate. That means if the borrower stops making payments, you can take possession of the home and sell it, create a rental, or fix and flip. If handled well, investors can even help the delinquent borrowers move on with dignity.

With mortgage notes, you can increase or replace your current income, grow your retirement savings or improve the returns of your current real estate portfolio. Its all up to you!

You have options when choosing a training program but few are as comprehensive as Note Investing Academy (NIA). Our program goes beyond the basics to help you build a solid understanding of the business and achieve your goals. We cover performing and non-performing investments. And we cover 1sts, 2nds and contracts for deed (CFDs). We will help you build your business in your own time and on your own terms. Full time or side hustle its up to you!

But dont just take our word for it. Take a look at what makes NIA stand out from the rest.

When you join our training program, you become part of the NIA Mastermind where you can meet, network and grow along side other active note investors. Every note investor needs a network to rely upon for questions, new ideas and support. We interact daily in our private Facebook group as well as monthly in our webinars with industry experts.

We can help you build a thriving note investment business or just add more passive investments to your portfolio. We provide the tools, resources and knowledge you need to succeed. If youre committed to doing what it takes to achieve your goals, NIA is the place for you.

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