One of the most common misconceptions people have when it comes to real estate is they need to be an expert before they can start. Todays guest can attest its definitely not true.

In this episode, Tom interviewed expert real estate investor and coach, host of Your Do Over and Epic Real Estate Investing, podcasts, and author of the book Do Over,Matt Theriault.

From earning a 7-figure income, Matt once found himself earning just $7/hour bagging groceries. Fortunately, he was able to recreate the former life he enjoyed and achieve financial freedom through real estate (even though he knew nothing about it when he first started).

If you want to give real estate investing a try but unsure if you have what it takes, this episode is for you. Nothing like learning from someone who started from square one at 34 and successfully reclaimed the financial freedom he once enjoyed through real estate.

How people with no money can start in the real estate industry

What to search for when youre using online classified ads

The importance of finding the sellers motivation

The most important question to ask the seller

Why knowing how much the buyer wants for the property is key

Tips and tricks he recommends for those who are still starting out

Resources/books he recommends for those who want to get in the real estate space

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