1-On-1 Personal, In-the-Field-With-You Real Estate Investing Coaching!

In other coaching programs with national, big-name gurus you NEVER get a chance to work with the actual guru, 1-On-1

unless you are paying 5 or 6 six figures to meet with them on an extremely limited contact basis.

Usually, instead of talking to the actual guru, you will be talking to a so-called coach on a so-called hotline and

this person may or may not have actually done any deals themselves

Even if you had the opportunity to work 1-On-1 with the guru, or even if you have an experienced non-guru coach

they will only provide a FRACTION of the 1-On-1 services that Todd provides, and you will pay a LOT more money for these other programs.

But you dont have to take our word for itcompare for yourself

Partial List of Things I Do for My Students

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