Design professional presentations in seconds using the worlds first slide design platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our presentation software uses agenetic algorithmto arrange your content without the need of human intervention. The system analyzes your content and makes optimized decisions in order to design your slides.

Our templates have been built to provide not just a beautiful style to your presentations but an outline for your presentation.

We decided to build online presentation tools with the vision of helpinganyonecreate stunning presentations, while saving them time and money. Creating professional slides in Slidebean is simple and intuitive, with none of the distractions of traditional platforms.

Every time you click, our system evaluates thousands of slide designs to find the perfect one. All in less than 0.97 seconds.

Weve tweaked our algorithm to look for arrangements that improve readability and aesthetic appeal. Our presentation software takes care of everything.

An advanced neural network lets us recognize important elements in your images and align them accordingly.

The firsttrulyAI-powered presentation software

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