was created for the express purpose of providing clients with an opportunity to effectively achieve their financial goals. In assisting clients toward their goals we are committed to the following convictions:

An educated investor is a better investor.Castle Investor Coaching will work diligently to educate investors in the area of free market investing. Castle Investor Coaching will provide regular educational workshops that are designed to increase your knowledge and keep you informed about financial markets.

Free Markets are efficient.Therefore, Free Market Portfolio Theory will be the basis for the management of client investment portfolios. We will refrain from making investment recommendations that involve variations of stock picking, market timing or any reliance upon past performance as a future guide.

Our clients success is our future.Because our livelihood is derived from helping you reach your dreams and goals we understand that it is vitally important that we treat you the same way that we want to treat ourselves.

From time to time economic news and global events will cause your investment account to lose value. During these times we will coach and educate you to help you stay on the right track. Although the media and financial firms will bombard us with recommendations, we will hold to our conviction that no one can consistently and reliably predict market movements.

Take Care of Your Customers or Someone Else Will

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