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Singapores private residential property index continued to climb to 211.9 in Q4 2012 from 208.2 in Q3. This is a hike of 1.8 percent compared to the 0.6 percent increase in the previous quarter. HDB re-sale prices have hit an all-time high and Executive Condominiums (ECs) have reached record-selling price of S$2 million dollars. The statistics are already well-known to you so Im not going to further bore you with it in this article.

While writing this article, frustrations have gotten me to a point of banging the table and screaming, STOP saying fairy tales to property buyers!

Listening to the property experts, youd never guess it was the 21st Century. They all seem to be teaching the same old strategies for property investing and telling unwitting buyers that beautiful fairy tale endings are a reality, financial crisis only belong to pre-historic times and property downturns are just myths and legends!

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And here is one perfect gift for lazy people a new type of Rubiks Cube

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