It conveys the power of your idea clearly and quickly and makes the investor want to hear more. Many will tell you WHAT makes a good investor pitch – a compelling story, a great deck and make sure you own the room. But, no one tells you HOW to do it. We do. We will work with you to create a great pitch, learn how to present it and put together an amazing deck.

Youve worked on your product, your team and your vision. Now you need funding to help you scale. We will take you through the basics of how to develop a pitch to investors, how to build a deck and what you need to do to make the right first impression.

Youve had meetings, entered competitions and been through an incubator, but so far no traction. We work with you to take your existing pitch, tweak it to your target audience and help you clarify your story.

You had a successful seed or Series A and now youre out to do it again. Dont go out with the same pitch. Your business has changed, your story has grown and so have you. We will help you define the next chapter of your business for the next level of investor.

Four in-person or Skype sessions each session is highly interactive with clear action items and personalized strategies not matter where you are in the funding cycle.

We begin by listening to you about your ideal investor or client and how you are currently talking about your business. Then we storyboard the presentation to define all the elements of your pitch.

We move onto the messaging and wording of your pitch. Carefully chosen words can add impact, clarify your story and convey greater confidence in both you and your business.

Now wework with you to translate your story to your deck. We ensure that the images on each slide support your story in a clear and compelling way. Then we pass it on to our graphic designers.

Finally, we move on to you, your presence and presentation skills. Investors are not just looking for great businesses; they are looking for great entrepreneurs. Dont let your presence undermine you when it counts the most.

One 11-slide deckto visually articulate your compelling story to investors.

This course uses the same formula I share with my one-on-one coaching clients for founders from seed stage and beyond.

Create a compelling presentation, not just a slide deck

Avoid common mistakes that can undermine your message and vision

Strengthen your personal presence to will inspire investors to get on board.

Monique knows investors and she knows her stuff! She was masterful at hearing our story, structuring the sound bites and slides that resonate most with investors, and coaching me to confidently and effectively pitch given different timing and audiences. The investor feedback and participation in our round has been tremendous! I would strongly encourage entrepreneurs to invest in your pitch with Monique as a first step to your raise.

Monique was invaluable by helping me take a technical pitch and build a story that anyone – technical on non-technical – would get. Moniques expertise in communications goes beyond investor decks. Monique is a master at positioning for customer facing pitches as well.

Monique offered us excellent advice on crafting a story for our customers.Our product is deep and we live in it every day, so it was clarifying to get an outside perspective that could hone our message and isolate key points.

from golfers. I learn winning from coaches.

We listen, we discuss, we design & deliver. We love what we do!

Monique Maley is an experienced pitch coach who has worked with entrepreneurs and start-ups from seed to Series B. Her work in the theater and film industry as well as with entrepreneurs and investors, all combine to give her the ability to craft and deliver a story that captures an audience. Her experience gives her the expertise in to help entrepreneurs connect with investors, clarify their story and communicate with confidence and authenticity.

Monique isprincipaland founder ofArticulate Persuasion,a business focused on helping professionals communicate effectively. She has also founded and run two successful companies, worked with Fortune 500 companies and with high profile professionals from around the world.