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Day trading is a strategy that buys and sells investments daily. Investors used to the buy and hold approach must learn to shorten the time they keep investments. Its often a matter of hours between buying and selling.

Its the office space where traders work. A Trading Office manager gets the computers and other equipment set up, hires traders, and makes sure everyone gets trained before making real trades.

The Trading Office manager is the person who starts the trading office and becomes a Day Trade the Worlds client. He or she is responsible for making sure the office and its traders have the equipment and training necessary to operate profitably.

It depends on how much time and effort you expend, but ourTrading Office Profits pageshould give you an idea.

I have no financial background. Can I succeed as a day trader?

Yes! Day Trade of the World will teach you how. Our training program helps you build a successful Trading Office business and providesTMS™Market Simulator software for practice.

Its not required. The basic difference is that stockbrokers represent firms who are members of various exchanges and are licensed to make trades on others behalf. Day Traders do not represent others and often must use brokers to execute trades

Does a Day Trader need a professional license?

Day traders dont need a license in the sense that a stockbroker does, but local laws determine what kind of business licensing is necessary.

Do I need my own Trading Office to become a Day Trader?

If you dont want an office of your own, visit ourDay Trader Jobspage, complete the form, and well forward your information to the nearest Day Trade the World trading floor manager.

Learn How to Trade, Trade Like a Pro & Make Money with DTTW

With DTTWs Technology, Trading Capital, and Risk-Management system, you can make money in day trading while managing your own business.

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